Must go restaurants in Palma, Mallorca


It is never a hard thing to find something to eat in Mallorca, BUT it is always take some effort to find the hidden gems 🙂 Instead of going to the top#1 rated restaurants on tripadvisor (which i did personally), here are some of my personal picks that truly worth a visit.

Below restaurants are not ranked in any sequences (i think they are all pretty awesome in different ways), and I am a seafood lover so my taste might be a bit biased in some cases.

So, let’s get started!

#1 Le Parada del Mar – the seafood paradise                                                          Address : Avinguda de Joan Miró, 244, 07015 Palma, Illes Balears, Spain


Looking like the seafood market? yes that’s the authentic way to go for seafood, get it fresh from the market. Here at the entrance of the restaurant, you have to order from this mini “market” first, then get your seat and wait for the food to be served.

The price is very reasonable comparing to other seafood restaurant and it seems pretty popular among the locals (i.e. people barely speak english here). Here we ordered few things, mostly shrimps and shells, in which i believe the Spanish way of simple cooking mange to retain most of the original umami. And as an Asian, where you find tones of way to cook a fish, I prefer not to have any fish in Spanish style (just due to my personal preferences).

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#2 Restaurante Marisqueria Sa Barca – the not bad tourist spot                                       Address : 2, Carrer de la Garsa, 07610 Palma, Illes Balears, Spain

Alright, i might be wrong sometimes with the TripAdvisor recommendations, here is an semi-exception: it is a nice place offer the best seafood paella on the island AND it is a tourist place (i.e. menu, flavour, price all adjusted for the tourists).

img_1396.jpg Here you find the typical minimum two-person portion HUGE paella with mixed seafood at a price a bit expensive than local restaurants would offer. The size is so huge that its impossible for 2 person (without eating breakfast) to finish, so we have to order take aways for the leftovers (most ppl ordered this do so as well).

Why would i say the menu and flavour are adjusted? you will find it out in the next LOCAL restaurant im going to mentioned below.

Overall, it is still recommended to pay a visit here if you really into paella 🙂


#3 Celler Sa Prema – The LOCAL cellar                                                                             Address : Plaça del Bisbe Berenguer de Palou, 8, 07003 Palma, Illes Balears, Spain


If you living within the tourist bubble, you will never truly visit a place, so go somewhere local! Here in the Cellar restaurant, through it looks pretty fancy from the outside, it is indeed a very down to earth place offers nice food at super reasonable price.

We visited at lunchtime, and unfortunately its set menu (90% local’s choice) is only in Spanish. And it is only 13.75 euros (starter, main, dessert, drink)!!!


As you can see from the standard local menu, paella here is like a starter only, instead of a huge portion of main dish that normally served in tourist restaurants. When it served the starter, it is of coz not presented in that nice manner comparing to tourist restaurants, but the flavour arent bad at all.

Here are things we ordered + the wine is pretty nice too (sadly forget to take any pics)

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#4 GIOIA – local handmade icecream #topicecreampalma

Unfortunately I could not locate the address of this ice cream shop on Google Map at the time im writing this post.


Like me know if you have tried any of these above, and feel free to leave msg and inbox me if you have some other tips for mallorca 🙂




Spring Travel Snaps in Switzerland

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“Swiss made” has always been the symbol of good quality – which in another word, Expensive. Many have mixed feelings towards this delicate and over-lux destination before actually seeing this country by themselves. Here in this blog post I will share with you my top travel trip to City areas in Switzerland.

Spring in Switzerland is still considerably cold at my standard (average around 10 degree Celsius). Ironically, it stays cold when majority of snow melts away and you lose the option to see 100% snow-capped mountains around major cities. Therefore, unless you are planning for a ski-vacation, you should adjust the expectation and focus on exploring cities in Switzerland in Spring time.

Which Cities To Go?


I always get confused with the Capital of Switzerland – it is not Zurich but Bern, simply because of this is the most frequent heard Swiss City name to me. And people mention this place frequently for a reason – this is the best city with good mix of culture, nature and fun. From Boat trip, Old Town Visit, Art Museums to Zurich Zoo…and there are plenty of good restaurants and cool things to do in Zurich.

Click here for more about Zurich [Link to Post]


Lucerne is on the most go list if you sightseeing Switzerland with a tour group, and it is definitely worth the visit where you able to see Mountains (Mt. Pilatus, Mt. Rigi, Mt. Titlis), Villages, Lakes and the largest museum in Switzerland.

Click here for more about Lucerne


Basel = Contemporary Arts ; Arts is everywhere in this city – for exhibition-lovers, Basel is the place that would never let you down. Check out the event schedules before you plan you visit and it is only 1-hour train ride from Zurich to Basel.

Where To Stay?


ALDEN Suite Hotel Splügenschloss Zurich (*****) – traditional 5-star hotel right next to the Zurich Lake, a bit pricy but very romantic

Renaissance Zurich Tower (****) – Stylish and Convenient choice offered by Marriott Hotel Chains; The hotel is located at West Zurich where you find many unique and cool things to do

Ibis Zurich West (**) – an affordable choice for budget travellers where you can enjoy convenience to cool spots in Zurich West as well as one-station only commute to Zurich Central Station by S-Bahn


Stylish Airbnb – Guess I am not the only one recommending this Airbnb. This is a super cozy and stylish room located at centre of City Lucerne. If you planning to visit several mountains in Lucerne area or go to Interlaken, why not stay a night here?


Aparthotel Adagio Basel City (***) – The hotel is located not exactly at the centre of everything but it immersed into the Artistic atmosphere well simply by looking at its interior designs; affordable rates, clean and stylish!

What To Prepare?

Swiss Franc – prepare only limited amount of cash for coffee and snacks 🙂 most vendors accept credit card, debit card (EU) or even euros! The FX exchange rate can be pretty expensive if you change locally in Switzerland

Swiss Travel Pass – One key to make your Europe trip smooth all the time is to nail the public transport system. Swiss Pass allows you to take all public transport free unlimited times within the period you selected in entire Switzerland – therefore it is perfect for these who plan to stay 3-4 days and want to visit more than 2 different cities. Apart from transportation, it also offers free entrances to 500 museums and many more discounts!


ZurichCard – same theory as the Swiss Pass but just limited the scope to Zurich only…of course, it is much cheaper than Swiss Pass

Fashion Ideas? 

Trench Coat – The best way to stay stylish in somewhere cold effortless!

Cozy Sweaters – 100% match with any kinds of outfit and most importantly they keep you warm all the time

Sportswear – Don’t forget these when you plan to visit any mountains or why not try to explore the cities simply by jogging along the lake side?

Sounds like you all well-prepared to go to Switzerland? For more info, please check out my posts on Zurich and Lucerne for more inspirations and travel ideas!

xoxo @SunVelours